Apple CarPlay is a smart device assimilation system that permits users to engage with their vehicle’s infomercial system through their apple iphone. By using the CarPlay user interface, customers can make call, send and get messages, accessibility maps, and listen to songs with the vehicle’s touchscreen display.
The Q50, a vehicle from the Nissan brand, was released in different years throughout different markets. For that reason, it is essential to identify the specific year of the Q50 in question. Thinking we are discussing the residential Unit
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ed States market launch, Nissan started supplying Apple CarPlay assistance on their Q50 versions in late 2016. This implies that if a Q50 was bought in or after November 2016, it would certainly come with Apple CarPlay pre-installed.
If we are describing a different market or a various version year, the particular timeline would differ. Nonetheless, it is safe to think that a lot of modern-day cars featured Apple CarPlay as a choice, and it is normally available within a few months of the launch of the matching apple iphone design.
In conclusion, the Q50 got Apple CarPlay support starting in late 2016. If you bought a Q50 in or hereafter period, you will certainly have access to this practical feature.

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